In combination with new generation medicaments, the use of modern equipment makes the high quality detoxification fast and painless.

Drug detoxification is very specific medical problem. In case of ordinary intoxication or severe poisoning, the patient’s condition improves as soon as the body is clean from toxic substances . In case of drug abuse the situation is different. There is physical dependence when a person feels normal just under the influence of narcotics. As soon as the effects of narcotics weaken and the body gets clean, the patient’s condition deteriorates instead of getting better. This process is called the abstinence. The main goal of modern complex drug detoxification treatment is to make the process of body detoxification painless, to block the abstinence and stabilize disturbed physiological processes in short time.

Drug Detox Easy program in based on the following principles:

  • Analysis of dosage and the duration of using the substance, the level of health condition changes as a consequence of drug abuse, minimization of the risks and making an optimal plan of detoxification.
  • Cleaning the body from narcotics
  • Protection from withdrawal symptoms
  • Recovery of sleep, appetite and emotions
  • This kind of approach allows to take the body out of the *vicious circle* when a person takes narcotics not for pleasure, but just to be normal and not to suffer from withdrawal. Successful fast and complex detoxification is always an inpatient treatment in our clinic. This is an important safety condition – patient is isolated from narcotics and medical help is provided 24 hours a day. Our hospital staff consists of team of doctors (anesthesiologists, intensive care specialists, toxicologists, psychiatrists)plus nurses, psychologists, physiotherapist, nutritionist. Modern treatment is not just tablets and infusions. Modern treatment involves the use of wide range of quite complex medical technique. It is equipment for vital functions monitoring, analysis control, devices for controlled automatic supply of medicaments (infusomat), anesthesia machine, lymphatic drainage, filtration of the blood from toxins, oxygen body supply. In combination with new generation medicaments, the use of modern equipment makes the high quality detoxification fast and painless.

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    Life stories

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