Life storie of heroin addict, first time heroin smoke

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Jelena, age 37, heroin abuser After years and decades of taking heroin, it really is a critical period of my life. All considered, coming to drug detox hospital is the best decision i could ever make. I grew up with mom and grandmother. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. After that, I saw my father 3 or 4 times, before he died from heroin overdose, when I was 12. My mom had me when she was 15, so practically; my grandma raised both me and my mom. I was a happy child, I was making new friends easily and I was a good pupil. Smoke heroin for the first time My friends were mostly older than me. They all smoked marihuana, so I tried and smoked with them. I enjoyed going out to the clubs, and one night I was drinking and having a great time. At some point, two acquaintances approached me, put something on the table and told me to draw a line. I didn’t ask anything, just sniffed the powder from the table. Soon enough I felt sick and threw up. I was 14 then, and I didn’t take anything until I was 17. One day I fell and broke a leg. I lay in bed for months, and I got sick of it. There was a big party coming on, and I wanted to go there badly, but I couldn’t move. I was in too much pain. One of my friends felt sorry for me, so he brought me something that would lift me up and make me strong for the party. He brought me heroin and equipment to smoke it. After I smoked it I felt amazing, I got my energy and strength back, I felt like I could do anything. I was overwhelmed, especially because I could walk again after months of being in bed. After that experience, I started using heroin 2-3 times a week. I found guy who sold me drugs handsome, and soon, I fell in love with him, and we got married. We took drugs together over the next three years, regularly every day, couple of times per day. Since my husband is a dealer, we always had drugs, and every day we spent heroin in 60 euro value. We tried to get cured in the clinic in Africa, sleeping therapy that lasted for 5 days, but it didn’t help us. I got pregnant three years later, so that’s when I stopped with heroin. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and I didn’t use heroin in next two years. We lived in a trailer, I worked in administration, and so did my husband. Then, my husband started selling drugs again. One day I caught him locking himself in the bathroom. He never did that before, so when he got out, I searched him...

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From Joint to Heroin

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Living an urban life, being curious, experimenting, avoiding stereotype, no limits and borders. Everbody starts with marijuana because they want to be popular and get accepted by friends. If someone refuses, he is seen as weak, coward,  gets rejected and the others make fun of him. There is a popular belief that marihuana is nothing to be afraid of, it’s a “light drug” you can’t get hooked on, you can control it. Marihuana is an herbal based substance, so it can’t be that damaging, “better marihuana then cigarettes”. But it’s different because, at some point, everything becomes related to marihuana- same crowd, same places, all sharing the joint. There is always someone bringing “the pot”, so you are not buying it, but then you find yourself in situation you really need it and start looking for a way to get it. Every young person wants to follow modern trends, it’s a growing up phase. They visit parties where they get to try ecstasy; it’s just one pill, right? It’s more fun and that good feeling of being “high”. Every night out brings something different, something more. So you try LSD and it gives you a good “trip”. A way new feeling, you get to see and hear different stuff. Gradually, a person starts avoiding its old company and starts hanging out with new people who also enjoy relaxing, and are likely to offer something new and something more. Then comes a moment when you “just want to try” heroin so you could experience the world differently. There is nothing wrong in trying it once, right? Person is convinced that he can quit at any moment- it’s not a big deal, since he is using it to relax occasionally.  Then you start using it frequently, once in two weeks or over weekends, and still perceive it as controlled consuming. And every time person makes a decision to quit, someone comes up to remind you and drag him back into the illness. It can be a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend. If a person continues with drugs for too long, people start abandoning him, so he starts forming relationships with the only people left- other drug addicts. You take bigger and bigger dozes, heroin becomes most important. You wake up one morning and realize you can’t function anymore without the substance and you need it just to get out of the bed. Nothing is the same, you live in your own reality where you only think about how to get the substance. There are moments when you try to get clean from it, and never take it again, but it’s not easy. First few days of crisis you feel unbelievable pain in your...

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