financial_loss_drug_detoxThe most common question is- why stop with drugs?

One of many reasons to quit drugs is the financial loss. When you are at the beginning of  a “career” as a drug addict, the price for one joint, ecstasy and occasional beer, doesn’t seem high for the pleasure effect you get. It seems that the entrance fee for the world of addiction is too cheap, only a couple of hundreds of dinars. That cheap price becomes unexpectedly high over the months and years, and you gain less pleasure from it. It seems that drugs are not too big of an expense for one  day. It’s only about ten Euros, not more, for marihuana, heroin, cocaine, pills… You just keep thinking it’s no big expense, only 10, 20,30,40,…100 Euros. And that goes on for days and years. Eventually, a reality check- no more money. The only thing you are left with is an idea of what you could have done with the money you spent on drugs. Perhaps, you could have afforded a house, an apartment, favorite car, or buymansion with the pool??

Then there is a question of treatment? I want to get cured, but I have no money for the treatment, my financial possibilities are depleted. So, I continue taking drugs. I continue spending 10,20,30,..1000 Euros per day, but I am convinced that I have no money. I don’t have money, but I get loans from banks, friends, I sell drugs, steel, everything so I could have money to buy drugs, and not the treatment I need. I keep taking drugs, and my financial loss is getting bigger.

Stop drugs, stop financial destruction, choose healing.