development_delay_drug_detoxWhy quit drugs? One of the reasons is delay in all kinds of development.

Consumption of marihuana and later on heroin, cocaine, gave pleasure at the beginning. But besides pleasure I had lack of will for all the other activities. Besides all sorts of parties, fun events, my life came down to a single thing- drugs. I wake up and the first thing that comes up in my mind is drugs- how to collect money for drugs, how to get the first dosage before the crisis takes over. I keep smoking marihuana, day by day, and my life seems to on hold. Although years are passing by, I am still in the same life phase, I didn’t take any exam at the university, and my studies are on hold, I am still at the same job. I still spend all my money on drugs. I have no will to play sports, or to be part of the family. I have no desire for intimate and close relationships. Of course I can’t seem to notice all that, delayalthough my family is pointing out my stagnation. I just refuse to be aware of it.

Sometimes I take a look at my peers, and I see successful people with decent jobs, family and money. Just a few years back we were all equal. Now, my reality is stagnation in all aspects, from successful and promising athlete, an educated professional, all I am left with is drugs and enchanted circle of drugs and me. All I am left with are memories of who I used to be before drugs: happy, cheerful, active, positive. Now I am sad, negative, dissatisfied, passive. Drugs cause a delay in development, and individual’s abilities, it limits you functioning and professional, educational, social and family progress.


Quit drugs, discontinue your delay in development, choose healing.