health_drug_detoxWhy stop taking drugs? One of the important and crucial reasons is health deterioration.

The first cigarette, beer, joint, ecstasy… gives you pleasure and makes you want to go further with heroin and cocaine, but that’s the road to destruction, both mental and physical. The first pleasure effect,  sometimes followed by additional visual and tactile sensation, can seem desirable, different. Remaining in that changed psychological condition for too long is defiantly something any drug addict could wish for. Common misconception is “I was not damaged by drugs, and I won’t be”. In time, I started realizing I kept forgetting where I left my keys, cell phone… I begin to lose my memoryhealth and the ability to remember, I kept forgetting things, unable to concentrate, I become nervous, and I couldn’t sleep. I am either one of those who lock themselves in the apartment, peek through windows, seek for bug phones and microphones in the house. I keep expecting the police at any moment. Or maybe I am one of those who lost their sense and contact with the reality, and live in the world of my own, with the possible existence of another version of myself in it. But I still don’t admit to myself that it is all connected to drugs, it’s just a phase that will pass. But the reality is different, drugs can damage you, both mentally and physically, and could cause light disorders (memory loss, concentration, sleeping disorder) and also severe psychological conditions (psychosis) and dementia.

Besides changes on psychological level, drugs can also destroy your body and health. At the end, there is not even a pleasure effect, I just try to remain in “normal condition”, to “function”. My body is losing energy, it is becoming weak. My favorite sport no longer matters to me. I have no will or energy to get back to playing basketball, football.  I am either loosing or gaining weight. I heard about HIV, hepatitis C, but I am sure I won’t get infected. My blood results show me different picture- the cruel reality. My liver is damaged. Or I start noticing changes on my skin from needles, or possible skin infections. Besides changes in my appearance (exhaustion, denture deterioration, skin damages, possible infections), there is also damage on internal organs, although there are no visible signs. Liver, stomach, lungs, heart and of course brain deteriorates.

Stop drugs, stop physical and mental destruction of your body, choose healing.