Why quit drugs? One of the main reasons for drug addicts is harming the relationship with their family and friends.

relationship_drug_detoxHow does the relationship with close ones look like? When they ask me how am I doing, or what have I been up to, I try not to answer, or briefly respond with “yes,no, maybe”, or I frown and withdraw because it’s not one of my days. As I think about it, it’s never my day. Sometimes I communicate with close ones by shouting, screaming, breaking things around the house, or phisicly attacking them. My family tries to talk to me, but they had enough of me and they are giving up. And what matters to me? Drugs only and how to get it. Mum cries, sister worries, dad yells, my husband/wife are fed up with it. And me? I star  believing I am abandoned by everyone, friends and family. They are no longer with me. But the reality is different, it was I who abandoned them, and turned to drugs. I chose drugs over my family and friends. It’s just hard to accept it.

The family notices that there is a problem, they try to talk to me, but the reaction is always the same- no, I can do it alone, just this once and no more. But drugs are still there, even more, and I am getting more distant from close ones.

I have an impression that I am always surrounded by friends, they are always there when I have money, when I have drugs, when we have a “job” to do. But basically, I am alone. I reject the ones that try to help me, and the others hang out with me for the same reasone I hang out with them- because of drugs.


Quit drugs, stop further destruction of relationships with persons who care about you and love you. Choose healing.