Drug detox Easy treatment consists of complex of methods. Treatment programme is individually made for every patient and depends on patient`s indications and contraindications. We do following procedures:

Pharmacotherapy – Entails controlling withdrawal symptoms with medicaments complex while receptors pharmacotherapydetoxicate.


Neurojet therapy – Neurojet medical device stimulates the brains production endorphines – the neurojetprocess impaired by continuous narcotics use.


Plasmapheresis – Patients blood flows through a filter which removes all toxic substances, plasmapheresisincluding narcotics.



Anesthesia assisted detoxification – Total anasthesia is induced while the patients vitals and anasthesia_detoxcomfort is monitored by our expirienced staff. Painless and safe procedure.


It is important to understand that each method has its own mechanism. For example plasmapheresis is very effective in case the patient has previously used several narcotics, because it cleans blood from all toxins. But plasmapheresis is contraidicated in case of low level of proteins in the blood. Neurojet therapy practically is not contraindicated, but it is not effective enough in case of high tolerance to opioids and requires additional therapy. That is why the best treatment option is made by consilium of specialists (toxicologist, anesteziologist, psychiatrist) on the basis of patient`s analyses, physical condition and information about dosage and period of using narcotics.

The treatment programme which is individually made for each patient is followed on every day basis and EFFECTIVENESS OF DETOXIFICATION IS CONTROLLED BY OUR MEDICAL STAFF 24/7.