Why quit drugs? One of the reasons is loss of moral, ethical and life values.

loss_of_values_drug_detoxWhat kind of values, what is important to us? Topics like what to do, my life aspirations, who is dear to me? Everything that once mattered to me no longer does. The most important thing on my mind is how to get high. The first thing I think of when I wake up is how to purchase drugs and how to get money for it.

It’s not hard for me to steal, sell something from the house so I could afford drugs. The family notices that there is a problem and that stuff are missing from the house, they try to help me, talk to me, but I don’t let them. I argue, defend myself, don’t want to hear about it. They don’t know that I can’t hold on if I don’t take my “dosage”. Girlfriend/boyfriend tells me I’ve changed, I am no longer the same. Then we have problem and we argue. I steal because I had no other choice to get drugs, and now I have problem with the police. I am expecting a trial, and then doing a sentence.Lose of values

I am alone with a bunch of problems, with no support from others. I am angry at everyone, family, system… It’s not my fault, I couldn’t help myself. The reality is that it’s all my fault. I stole, I argued, I didn’t want to admit to myself I have a problem.

Quit drugs, stop with further destruction of your life. Choose healing.