Doctor: Ok, Hi. How old are you?

Patient: I am 23.

Doctor: Where did you come from?

Patient: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Doctor: When did you start using drugs?

Patient: I started around 16, started smoking weed, and gradually started taking different drugs.

Doctor: What kind of drugs did you take?

Patient: I smoked weed, I tried extasy, I tried cocaine and then I found oxys and heroin.

Doctor: How long did it last?

Patient: The heroin lasted and oxys about two years.

Doctor: And why did you decide to get treatment?

Patient: I just needed help. I was doing outrageous things to get money and I was just unproductive

to society. And I decide to change.

Doctor: And how do you feel now?

Patient: Now I feel good, I feel great. I’m healthy and clean.

Doctor: What changed so far?

Patient: My whole life changed for the better. Everything is normal and good.

Doctor: Are you satisfied with your life now without narcotics?

Patient: Yeah, of course it’s just way better, you wake up normal and you go to sleep no worrying

how to get next fix the next day and this is nothing like.

Doctor: For how long have you been clean?

Patient: A year.

Doctor: Are you satisfied now after this year, how do you feel?

Patient: I feel great, just got to keep going.

Doctor: You returning back now to Canada?

Patient: Yeah.

Doctor: What are your plans for the future?

Patient: I’ll just be normal, doing normal things, get a normal job and just live life relaxed and


Doctor: Ok, I wish you all the best.

Patient: Thank you.