Mikael, 24 years old heroin addict

twins copyTo tell my whole story, I have to go back in time long before i came to drug detox easy clinic, even before i became a heroin addict. I always fought and competed with my twin brother. We never got along. I was good at sports and he was doing good at school. What bonded us, eventually, were drugs. We started smoking marijuana when we were 12. That was the only common thing we had, and when we spoke with each other the subject was usually how to get more weed and get money for it. I was smoking weed every day.

Our parents got divorced when I was 16. I stayed with my mom, and my brother went of living with our dad. That’s when I started experimenting with heroin. I was snorting heroin usually on weekends when I was with my friends. Those friends introduced me to heroin at the first place. It relaxed me, gave me the calmness I didn’t have.

My mom remarried two years after, and her new husband didn’t like me. They kicked me out of the home, so I wentbackpacker-drug-experimenting-heroin-addicton my own. I traveled with my backpack around Europe, and then to Asia. While I was traveling, I discovered various narcotics, and enjoyed experimenting with it. In fact, that was the worst period of my life. My sense of reality was twisted, I did things that I didn’t want to do, hanged out with people I didn’t want to be with. Most of the time I can’t remember what happened. Then I met a girl and  fell in love with her, and I wanted to go back to sports, so I decided to quit with all the drugs, once and for all. I locked my self without drugs for seven days. It was very painful for me, I felt pain in my muscles, in my bones, joints, spine. I felt shivers. And I survived! Only, two weeks from then, I had strong cravings to take drugs again. That’s when I realized I need a professional help. I found this clinic on the internet, and I believe it is my only chance for a complete recovery.