Bruce, 40 years old, cocaine addiction

Long before I got myself cleaned at the drug detox clinic in order to straightened my life, i was a troublesome guy. I grew up in the capitol. My parents always worked hard, they run restaurants and clubs. That’s why I was familiar with partying and night life since my childhood. I got drunk when I was 12 for the first time. My parents didn’t know cocain_party_photoabout it. At 14 I started smoking weed. All of my friends did, so did I. At 17 I discovered cocaine. I used to snort it occasionally, but after a month I stopped. I felt it gave me the speed I need to catch up with life. I like to travel, so when I was 20 I packed my backpack and started traveling around the world. Weed was a regular part of my life, and people I met on my journeys consummated some kind of drugs. Since I traveled often, I spent a lot of money, and I needed to earn some, fast. One night, when I was in Africa, I meet a girl that I liked, and she introduced me to her brother who was a cocaine dealer. He offered me to work for him, and since I found out how much money can I get for a short period, naturally I accepted. I was selling cocaine since and had enough money for my journeys. When I was 30 a terrible thing happened, I got arrested in Africa for possessing kilos of cocaine. I was facing a death sentence. First couple of days in prison I was physically fine, but then crisis started. I was tired, but i couldn’t sleep at all. I was irritated allcocaine_dealing_prison the time, and on top of it i became paranoid which only increased my anxiety. It was a true nightmare! I got beaten by other prisoners, I got stabbed ones, but I survived. After 10 months of hell, I got released, pardoned by government, influenced by my country’s embassy. After I got out of prison, I wanted to stop with drugs, so I took methadone. And I replaced one addiction with another. Every day I thought about how to get pills. I got a monthly dosage from my doctor, but that meant that I couldn’t leave my country longer than a month. I decided to get the treatment. I found clinic in Belgrade, that was the best in Europe. I planned to get cleaned, and then go back to Africa and just sell weed, but I didn’t plan to take drug anymore. At the clinic I chose special Ibogaine treatment. After Ibogain, which was an amazing experience, where I got a clear perspective of my life, I didn’t only sealed the decision to stop taking drugs, but also abandon the idea of selling drugs. I decided to have a normal family life and open a pizza place.

New life after cocaine photo